How to Create Google+ Page for Your Blog/Business

Whether you run a blog or online business, it’s important for you to have social network profiles for your blog/business. When it comes to Social networking sites, we always think about Facebook or Twitter.

But how can we ignore something from Google? Yes, I am talking about Google+. It’s the fastest growing social network ever. And it’s growing very fast.

Like Facebook, Google+ allows you to create a fan page for your brand. Google+ page is going to be very useful for your brand in long run. If you don’t have any Google+ page, this is the time to create one. In this post, I am going to share how to create a Google+ page for your blog/business.

Before moving to the tutorial, I would like to share some awesome features of Google+ with you.

  •  Google+ hangout.  You can use it as an alternative of webinar or online video chat software.
  • Google+ direct connect. It helps visitors to find your page.
  • You can add the people who have added you to connect with your loyal customers.

How to Create Google+ Page for Your Blog/Business

At first visit  and choose your business type from among categories.

  • Storefront (Restautant, retail store, hotel etc)
  • Service Area (Plumber, pizza delivery, taxi service etc)
  • Brand (Product, sports team, music band, cause etc)

If you are creating a Google+ page for your blog, you should select Brand as your business type.

google plus page business type

Once you’ve selected the type, enter your page name & website and select type of page again. Click on ‘Create page’.

create google plus page

Now you can take a quick tour to understand the features of Google+ page. Then you need to add profile photo, cover photo (Recommended size: 1080 x 608), contact info, Verify website and add intro.

Click on the arrow sign to get next options.

completing google plus page

Once you’ve created your Google+ page, next thing you need to is share your Google+ page to other social networking sites. This helps you to get some quick followers. Here is a detailed post on getting Google+ followers.

Here’s how our RoadToBlogging Google+ page look like.

rtb google plus page

If you own multiple pages, you can manage your pages from drop down menu on left hand side.

google plus pages

Google+ page works like Google+ profile. You can share anything like Image and Videos. You can start a hangout. You can add back to your followers. You can also add Google+ Badge to your blog.

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Do let us know if you have already created your Google+ page. Share your page with us if your page is related with blogging and online marketing. If you find this tutorial useful, share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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