How to Find and Remove Uncirclers on Google Plus

How annoying is it when someone follow you and you followed back, and they immediately unfollow you? I found it very irritating. But some people are enjoying it!

Most of the time people do it because they want to have more follower then they have followed. Actually they try to show them as expert. Isn’t it lame?

Ok, now our target is to find out those people and Uncircle them. But Google+ doesn’t show them to you who uncircle you later. To find out those we will use a chrome extension named Circloscope Free (Uncirclers+). If you don’t have Google Chrome browser, download it from here.

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It’s not important that you have to keep only your followers on your circle. So I don’t recommend you to use this extension frequently. Only use it when you followed a lot of people but you have less people in your circle.

So here we go..

How to Uncircle Uncirclers on Google+

1. First, open Chrome Browser and Login to your Google+ account. Install Circloscope to your browser.



2. Once you’ve installed the extension, you will notice a green arrows sign besides Address Bar. Once you’ve clicked on the icon, a list of unfollower will be appeared.

From the left you can include or exclude any circle. For example, you may exclude the circle ‘Family’ that means you’re not going to uncircle anyone from Family Circle.

Once you’ve done, click on Apply. You will be shown a list of people that you circle but they didn’t circle you back.



3. Now your list is ready. Oh, wait. One question for you. If you follow Eminem, will he follow you back? Definitely NOT, like Eminem many important person won’t follow you back. So uncheck those name. Hit on ‘Uncircle’.


That’s it. You are Done.

If you are a blogger, you can add me. I will add you back.

Check: Google Chrome Extension for Quick Screen Shot

Do let us which strategy you’re using to unfollow your unfollowers. If you find this post useful consider sharing it with your friends.

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