How to Block Low Performing Adsense Categories to Increase Earnings

What if Google Adsense shows ‘Drugs & Supplement’ related Ads on your online marketing blog?

You’ll have less chance to get clicked on your Ads which will decrease your earnings. On the other hand, irrelevant Ads can decrease your blog’s credibility.

Google tries it’s best to show relevant ads which will be good for you as well as advertisers. But sometimes when it runs out of Ads or shows visitor interest based ads, it might show irrelevant ads from a different category that have no connection with contents of the page. It can decrease your CTR as well as earnings. So you need to get rid of those irrelevant ads. One of the easiest ways is, block that certain Adsense Ad. But it can be annoying if you need to do it frequently.

The better way is blocking those low performing Adsense categories. You can easily do it from your Adsense dashboard.

How to Block Low Performing Adsense Categories

At first, you need to determine which categories are not performing well in your blog/site. You can do it by checking Ad Impressions and Earnings of the Categories.

To do that, login to your Adsense account and Click on ‘Allow & block ads‘ from header ( Beside ‘My ads’). Then click on ‘General Categories’. Here you can see Ad Impressions and Earnings of several categories for the last 30 days.

Block Adsense Categories

If a category is taking up a high percentage of impressions but generating low percentage of earnings, then you can consider blocking that category as it’s not profitable for you.

For example, if you see the above screenshot, you will notice that category ‘Family and Community’ takes 3% impressions but generates only 0.08% earnings. So it’s better to block this category.

To block the category, just click on the ‘Tick’ (Green) sign beside the category.

blocking adsense categories 2

That’s it. Google won’t show any Ads from this category.

Google Adsense has separated Sensitive Categories that includes things like Black Magic, Dating, Drugs & Supplements, Sex, Reproductive health, Weight Loss etc. If you think some of those categories are not suitable for your readers, you can consider blocking those categories.

But blocking too much categories won’t help you to increase your earnings.When you are blocking categories, you are reducing the number of bidders who are trying to place ads on your blog. If you block too much bidders, it can hurt your earnings. So do it wisely.

I would suggest you to do A/B testing to check whether blocking categories work for or not. However if you find this post useful, please help me by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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