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There are many tools on internet which can help you to get more Twitter followers and retweets. But the problem is most of them generate followers and retweets from fake user or bot. If you are looking followers and retweets from real users then you are in the right place. Today I am going to tell you an awesome tool called JustRetweet where you’ll get real person’s retweets.

So What is JustRetweet?

JustRetweet is a social sharing platform that will help you to get retweets ,Google +1s, Facebook Likes for your blog posts from people with similar interests. It helps your post to go viral and obviously it will increase your traffic.

What’s the main Benefits of using it?

  • Getting more retweets and followers.
  • Increasing Facebook Likes and Google +1 recommendation.
  • Increasing  traffic and quality visitors.
  • Connect with niche bloggers.
  • Promoting posts to the targeted audience.
  • Getting more exposure of your blog.

Who are using JustRetweet?

As I said JustRetweet offers retweets from real persons. Here are some example for you.

Who are using JustRetweet?Ana from TrafficGenerationcafe, Ileane from Basicblogtips, Kristi from Kikolani, Kim from Buzzblogger and many more are using this service. As you see many renowned bloggers are using this service, I think you shouldn’t have any confusion using this.

How to Get Started with JustRetweet

It’s very simple. Just go to JustReweet homepage. Click on ‘Sign in with twitter’

Sign Up on JustRetweet

Click on ‘Authorize app’ to use your twitter account.

JustRetweet Authorize an application

Then you will be taken to the dashboard and you will get 100 free credits. To earn more credits click on retweet, Like or +1  others posts. You can also gain credits by following others.

It you don’t want to retweet others post to gain credits, then Buy Credits. I recommend you to buy VIP package to show your profile on Feature list and to highlight your tweet as Featured tweets.

P.S – Don’t retweet irrelevant (not interesting for your followers) tweet just for the sake of credits.


Once you have a good amount of credits, Submit Tweet to get more retweet. Click on ‘Submit Tweet’ from header tab.

JustRetweet Submit Tweet

  1. Submit your post title and post links.
  2. Put the amount of credits you would like to spend per tweet.
  3. Set how many retweets you want.
  4. If you want FB Likes or Google +1, Check the boxes.
  5. Set how much twitter followers one should have to retweet your tweets. For example, If you set 5oo, then only users with 500+ followers can retweet your tweet.
  6. Select proper category. It is very important to get targeted traffic.

Click on Submit. And you’re DONE.

I will suggest you to TRY JustRetweet for once. I bet you will LOVE this.

[animated_button align=”center” animation=”pulse” color=”blue” size=”small” text=”Sign Up With JustRetweet” target=”_blank” url=”https://roadtoblogging.com/JustRetweet”]

Do let us know if you’re using JustRetweet or other related tools to get more retweets and traffic.

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