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English is not my first language and I often make many mistakes in English. As I am from no-English speaking country I always try to improve my English. But writing post in English is not an easy task for non-native English bloggers. Like others, I make some grammatical and spelling mistakes. These mistakes create a bad impression to the readers and search engine bots.

I always try to avoid these mistakes. Sometimes it’s really tough to figure out all the mistakes. On that case, you can use  WordPress plugin named After The Deadline(ATD). This plugin can help you to avoid grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

After the Deadline is also available for Chrome extension, Firefox add-on, Open office extension. It is free for personal use.

How to Set Up After the Deadline Plugin

Follow the simple steps to start using this plugin.

1. At first, go to WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugins > Add new.

2. Type ‘After the Deadline’ in search bar and Click on ‘Search Plugins’.

3. Very first result will be this Plugin.

4. Click on ‘Install Now’ and Active your Plugin.

Once you’ve installed the plugin Click on ATD  in the Visual Editor  to check your writing.


It checks spelling, misused words, grammar, and style. You can understand the type of error by its color.

  • Misused words and spelling errors are red.
  • Grammar mistakes are green.
  • Style suggestions are blue.
It has also a feature to ignore certain words like your name or your Blog’s title.   You can configure the proofreading feature by going to Users -> Your Profile from the left-hand menu in your dashboard.
Visit to see a demo of this software. To get more information about the plugin visit
Another amazing tool you can use is,  Grammarly Chrome extension. It checks spelling and grammar errors in real time and it will suggest a short list of possible fixes.
Hope it helps. Do let us know if you are using this plugin or any other WordPress plugin to check your spelling and grammatical mistakes. Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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