What If You Accidentally Clicked Your Own Adsense Ads?

According to Google Adsense policies, publishers are not permitted to click on their own Ads. As an Adsense publisher I am always very careful about that. But shit happens.

Ads under Navigation Menu is one of our best working Ads unit. Few days back, Instead of clicking on my nav menu, I accidentally clicked on the Adsense Ad.  Though I closed the tab instantly, but I was little bit worried.

I didn’t care whether Adsense pays me or not. All I care was about my account. As it is not permitted by Adsense, I was scare about getting banned.

Then I thought I should let them know about the fact. Before doing that, I searched on Google about clicking own Adsense Ads. And I got the best answer from Adsense blog.

They published a post about that named Accidents happen. Here is the main portion of the post where you will get the answer.

As most of you know, our program policies state that publishers are not permitted to click on their own ads for any reason. For this reason, we’ve received many emails from publishers letting us know that they’ve accidentally clicked on their own ads. If you’re one of these publishers, we truly appreciate the efforts you’ve made to monitor your account and keep it in good standing. However, we do understand that an accidental click may occur from time to time, so there’s no need to contact us each instance this occurs.

So if you accidentally clicked on own ads, you need not to worry about that. And there is no need to contact (report) with Google team.

But remember, Accident cannot happen frequently, excessive own clicks my ban you from the program.

Now what to do if you are interested to know about an Ad or you want to get the URL to block the Ads?

At that time I suggest you to use Google Publisher Tool. It is a chrome extension that lets you know the URL of an ad. After installing the extension, you will find an Overlay on your Ads. Just click on overlay to get the URL.

Hope it helps. Once again, be careful about clicking own ads.

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